Photographs Of Four
Belchatow Survivors 
in Föhrenwald DP Camp,
Germany, 1946

[photo of four friends standing]

(L to R:) Meyer Abramczyk, Itche Rosalimski, 
Jack (Yankel) Gliksman, Abraham Szylit


Itche Rosalimski & Jack (Yankel) Gliksman (top row) 
Meyer Abramczyk & Abraham Szylit (bottom row)


Meyer Abramczyk and
Jack (Yankel) Gliksman

Meyer Abramczyk and
Jack (Yankel) Gliksman


These four photographs were taken in a displaced persons camp in Föhrenwald, Germany, in 1946 after Liberation. They were provided by Meyer Abramczyk, who is in each of the photos above. 

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