Photograph of the Audience at the Meeting in 1946

Audience Photo:
(Photograph provided by Abe and Helen Fajwelman Peck)

Please let us know if you can identify anyone in this photograph. Because of the large number of individuals in the photograph, we are not completely numbering the template provided here at this time, but will number the individuals and include them in the list below as they are identified. If you recognize someone, please include this information in the Guest Book, describing the general location in the picture (e.g., second row, third from left).

Numbered template of photo above

  1. Abe Bowski (from Kielce)
  2. Regina (Rivka) Fajwelman Bowski
  3. Helen Fajwelman Peck
  4. Abe Peck (Pik)
  5. Avraham Altman
  6. Srulic Baum
  7. Hiller Bell (Belchatowski)
  8. Altman
  9. Chanka Satt (Chana Rivka nee Flatt, from Chabelitz) (wife of #10)
10. Motek (Yankl Mordechai) Satt [died 5/2002, age 88]
11. Manya Monczyk (wife of #9) [died c.2001]
12. Meyer (Koncyk) Sczmulewicz
13. Yankl Monczyk [died c.1983]
14. Yosef Hirsh (Hershkovitz) (cousin of #7)
15. Herschel (Harry) Satt (younger brother of #7) [died 12/1982]

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